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Please note: If you are unable to find your photos here, please contact us at melbalevick@gmail.com with your specific requests. This site only contains a portion of Melba's extensive archives.

photographs (c) Melba Levick 1990 - 2003

Melba Levick Photos - Stock Photography
Melba Levick's photography has been exhibited, published and licensed internationally for over 3 decades.
She has over 60 photographic books to her credit, mostly in the domains of architecture, decor, travel and gardens.

In 2009 Melba was awarded "best photographer of India in the world" by the Ministry of Tourism, govt. of India for her 2 books on India: "INDIA SUBLIME" and "INDIACOLOR".

Her most recent book, to be released in October 2017, is "RANCHES, Home On The Range in California", published by Rizzoli. In progress is "California Missions", also by Rizzoli. "RANCHES" will be signed at Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris in November 2017, and at Arcana books in Los Angeles, in December. Also in November, her work on Gaudi will be shown in Paris at Hegoa Gallery.

This website makes Melba's extensive body of work readily available for worldwide licensing purposes.
Images from the following books can be licensed for print or any other media.
Melba's latest work:
The California Missions

The California Missions - Rizzoli
Magical spaces rich in history, the missions of California, featured here in all-new photography, invite reverie and hint of romance. The twenty-one missions of California, from San Diego to San Francisco Solano, are historic treasures and sites of pilgrimage for visitors from the world over.

Intrinsically beautiful structures typically built of adobe brick and wood, adorned with towers, domes, whitewashed stucco, often surrounded by lush gardens, the missions are at the very heart of California. Established by Spanish padres, built by Native Californians, and preserved and restored by historians and architects, California's missions are unique monuments to the region's early American Indian and European histories. This colorful, informative exploration of all twenty-one missions, each with its own rich story to tell, journeys along the historic Camino Real, from Mission Dolores with its flower-strewn courtyard gardens, in San Francisco, to San Juan Capistrano, famous for the swallows that flock to its inviting grounds. With lush photography that captures the missions? details so splendidly, this is the perfect book for mission visitors and lovers of their strong and simple forms.


Ranches - Rizzoli
The romantic and intriguing homes set in the idyllic landscapes of the great California ranches. The lure of the West has been strong in American history, representing the promise of beautiful, wild landscapes, broad vistas, clean air, and bright skies.

Set on this magnificent land are the homes and their interiors—from the 150-year-old Rancho Camulos of Ramona fame to Jack London's Beauty Ranch on the slopes of Sonoma Mountain to the working ranches of today.
Ranches: Home on the Range in California presents an expression of a lifestyle steeped in self-sufficiency, love of the land, and unpretentiousness. Located in dramatic landscapes of rolling hills, upon the sides of mountains, or in vast plains bordered by snow-capped mountains, the featured homes demonstrate archetypal types—from the Spanish-style hacienda form of historic Rancho Camulos, with its open porch and broad eaves, to the New England clapboard traditional, as seen in Jack London's Beauty Ranch. At once a tribute to a historic form and a fading way of life, as well as a celebration of renewal, architectural beauty, and the romance of the West, this book offers the reader an immersive experience of living on the land.

Dreaming Small

Dreaming Small - Rizzoli
The masterpieces of small-house living featured here will serve as inspiration to those who struggle with the challenges presented by contemporary life in petite-size homes. Dreaming Small is a celebration of jewel-box homes, each marked by a sense of style that marries eclecticism, practicality, beauty, and livability.

In brilliant new photography, the book explores the possibilities that exist in these mostly unpublished gems by legendary architects Irving Gill, Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler, and Paul R. Williams, among others. The houses, each under two thousand square feet, are examples of what is possible in the small house and offer the reader a colorful palette of ideas from which to artfully transform spaces into comfortable, contemporary living.

The California Casa

The Californis Casa - Rizzoli
This sumptuous and comprehensive volume embraces one of the most beloved house forms, the Spanish Colonial Revival, presenting at once a lavish portrait of the style as well as the definitive statement on the subject through more than three hundred color photographs.

The Spanish style in architecture encompasses facets from a vast array of traditions, many of which are in evidence in these extraordinary houses. Elements include thickset, whitewashed stucco walls, deeply recessed doors, lushly planted courtyard gardens, intricate and colorful tile work, telescoping towers inset with Juliet balconies, elaborately traced wrought-iron window grilles, and richly appointed interiors heightened by drama in light and shadow cast by moody pendant lamps and low-burning fires.

The houses featured are the very best of the type, both famous and little-known, and showcase the work of architects such as George Washington Smith, Bertram Goodhue, Wallace Neff, and Paul Williams, from the early twentieth century, to the work of contemporary practitioners, including Marc Appleton, Michael Burch Architects, and others. These homes are a fantasy for living made real in the Southern California sun.

South India A Mosaic - Roli Books
Between the Malabar and Coromandel Coast lie the Southern states of India, once collectively known as Dravida, derived from the Sanskrit word drava (sea). Journey through swaying palm tress and lush waterways, snake shrines and tea plantations shrouded in mist.

South India A Mosaic

These visual treats are just a few examples of what South India has to offer..
Classic Homes Of Los Angeles

Classic Homes of Los Angeles - Rizzoli
A luxurious showcase of the finest homes in the oldest neighborhoods of Los Angeles and environs. This volume offers an exclusive look into the classic homes and gardens in the legendary neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles. Famed for its lavish homes and celebrity residents,one finds here a panorama of richly detailed architectural styles,from Victorian, Tudor, and Georgian,to Spanish Colonial, Art

Deco, and Streamline Moderne. Shown here is the estate of the great Hollywood producer and director Cecil B. DeMille, the former Danny Kaye house in Beverly Hills, and the wonderful Arts and Crafts masterwork by Greene and Greene—the Gamble House—in Pasadena. These works and others illustrate the wide range of period-revival styles popular in Southern California during its "Golden Age of Expansion" from 1899 to 1938. Lush, all-new color photographs capture the grandeur of these homes and their exquisite gardens in the present day.

Cottages In The Sun Bungalows of Venice, California - Rizzoli
A charming introduction to the inspired and inspiring cottages and bungalows of Venice, California. More than a century ago, when Abbot Kinney built his Venice-of-America with its network of canals and fanciful buildings, cultural aspirations were high.

Cottages In The Sun

Over the years, this aura of fantasy and imaginative possibility endured as integral to the zeitgeist of the place. Today, this spirit of innovation and creativity is richly expressed in the vintage bungalows and cottages that have been embraced and brought back to life by homeowners more in love with place than size. Stalwart survivors of the ebb and flow of the area’s fortunes over a century, these small homes channel the creative spirit of the place and provide a welcome counterpoint to oversize houses. Color, landscape, treasured collections, personal narrative, contemporary overlays and additions, art and craft, and inventive design—all combine in various ways to produce domestic environments with unique and deeply personal points of view.
Momentos Lejanos

Exhibition: "Momentos Lejanos"
Galeria Elefante - Ibiza, Spain - June/July 2012
In this exhibition Melba Levick shows us the work of her youth. Twenty four years old, arriving in Formentera - Spain, she was stopped in her tracks by the power and magnetism that the island gave off, and she set about trying to capture it in a series of black and white photos, using powerful contrast to present the drama and give authority to her landscapes and the subjects of her portraits.

The exhibition is completed by a projection of color photographs taken from her three subsequent books about Formentera. In this way Melba invites several generations of ‘formenterenses’ and lovers of the island to voyage and return, to see and recognize ourselves in her images, which foretell the photographer she has become, the photographer she is today.
  featured photo galleries:  
Japanese Gardens
These amazing Japanese style gardens of the Pacific west coast range from the oldest, the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park in San Diego, to those in private retreats and universities. These stunning photographs showcase stone lanterns, torii gates, arched and zigzag bridges, rocks, raked gardens, ponds, and flowers.
Desert Gardens
18 of the most important desert gardens in the world including Huntington Gardens, Moorten Botanical Gardens, Balboa Park and many exquisit private gardens. These photos celebrate the sculpturesque charms of cacti, aloes and other succulent flora.
Estate Gardens
Showcasing 15 magnificent estate gardens that are uniquely Californian. Gardens, plants, flowers, landscaping, garden design, garden ornaments, statues, sculpture, fountains, labyrinth gardens, cactus gardens, succulents, rose gardens, pools, hardscape, trees, hedges, tile, ponds, borders are just some of the themes covered in this image library.
Great gardens In Small Spaces
Great Gardens in Small Spaces features forty-four wonderful and exquisitely photographed California gardens, specifically treating the small garden, its particular challenges and its abundant opportunities and rewards.
In A Mexican Garden
Warm and inviting exterior design from the heart of Mexico. Over 200 photos of beutifully landscaped and decorated Mexican gardens and courtyards.
With an eye to the color and design of Mexican architecture and decor, Mexicasa takes a spectacular tour of the inns and haciendas of Mexico. These vibrant photographs showcase the stunning architecture, lush grounds, colorful interiors and rich artistry of these unique Mexican retreats.
A vibrant celebration of mexican art and life. Picturesque colonial towns and villages to dazzling beaches, artisan workshops to bold contemporary interiors, open markets to beautiful homes and inns, Mexicolor explores the inspired use of colors that permeates every corner of Mexico.
Melba Levick's stunning photographs and Betsy McNair's informative text and exciting recipes reveal the blend of native tradition, Old World ornamentation, and contemporary innovation that is the Mexican kitchen.
IndiaColor captures the bright hues and beautiful patterns of this diverse nation, offering a treasury of furniture, textiles, jewelry, clothing, and architecture, along with marketplaces, artists, and even animals. Vibrant, inspirational, and bursting with fascinating details, IndiaColor is a journey between two covers.
India Sublime
Vivid colors, delicate stonework, and opulent décor are the trademarks of the palaces, forts, and mansions of India’s maharajas. With their vast marble halls, jewel-box mirrored rooms, mosaics, and tapestries, these palaces present a veritable visual feast. In styles ranging from Art Deco to modern, from Indian folk style to English Colonial, the palaces of Rajasthan, dating from as early as AD 760 to as recently as the middle of the last century, are astonishingly innovative and modern.
California Mediterranean
In the early 20th-century, architects designing houses for the balmy climate of Southern California were influenced by the style of the villas and palaces that dominated the architecture of Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Morocco, and a few other North African locales.
Gallery coming soon, click here for previews on Amazon.com.
Casa California
21 private Spanish style homes built between 1922 and 1991 in Southern California's eclectic and individualistic Hispanic mission and Mediterranean revival styles. Beyond their unique designs and ornamentation, the homes feature dazzling Spanish and Mexican folk art, antiques, tiles, fountains, and landscaping, all luxuriously photographed.
The Studio Book
A treasure trove of eclectic studios that exemplify the individual ideas and aethetics of their owners details thirty-six contemporary and historical studio spaces, that range from serene, contemplative spaces to bustling workshops and feature the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Julia Morgan, and Frank Gehry, among others.
Reflections On The Pool
Spotlighting forty stellar examples of California swimming pool and hot tub design, ranging from the nature-inspired designs of Isabelle Greene to the vanguard mid-century pools of Thomas Church and the brilliant Mexican-style architecture of Ricardo Legorreta. Some of these photos also include breathtaking ocean views.
Antonio Gaudi - Master Architect
Since the late 1800's, Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí's (1852-1926) fanciful buildings have defined Barcelona's cityscape. His playful spires and towers, undulating tiled roofs, and writhing chimneys loom atop commercial and apartment buildings alike. Photos feature Gaudi's most well known architectural works such as Casa Mila (the Pedrera), Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batllo as well as lesser known private houses and institutions. Exteriors are photographed in detail as well as sumptuous interiors.
Missions Of California
California's 21 missions with their adobe architecture, bright gardens, rustic interiors, and artistic flourishes. From the rustic arcades of San Juan Capistrano and the lush green grounds of Santa Clara de Asis to the peaceful whitewashed world of San Luis Rey, these photos present the profound beauty of these historic structures.
The California Casa
The California Casa
The California Casa
The California Casa
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